According to researchers, vitamin C-rich foods can help you to create your body's shield against flu and colds.

If you quaff off a glass of orange juice as soon as you start sniffling, you may succeed. Even though studies declare that vitamin C intake can't avoid catching colds, high consumption of this nutrient may help you to reduce a bit the duration of your illness and shorten the hardness of symptoms. An ordinary orange only contains 69.7 mg of vitamin C, this amount is smaller than the one other usual fruits and veggies have. Here are 12 superfoods to cover your daily need for vitamin C and vary your diet.

1. Chili peppers

A half-cup of chili peppers contains 107.8 mg of vitamin C. Besides, the University of Buffalo found that capsaicin, the element that makes chili peppers hot, may help you to ease muscle and joint pain.

2. Red bell pepper

A cup of sliced red bell pepper has 190 mg of vitamin C, it’s almost 3 times more than a medium-sized orange. Red peppers are full of vitamin A as well, which increases your eyes' health.

3. Green bell pepper

A cup of sliced green bell pepper consists of a bit less vitamin C than its sweeter sibling, but 120 mg is almost 200% of daily nutrition recommendations. Green bell pepper is also full of fiber.

4. Kale

Did you know that just a cup of kale gives you 80.4 mg of vitamin C and as a bonus seven times the recommended intake of vitamin K and twice the recommended daily amount of vitamin A. This nutrition champion also provides you with a huge dose of fatty acids and minerals.

5. Broccoli

Broccoli contains 132 mg of vitamin C and a large portion of fiber for only 30 calories per serving. Besides, studies show that this cruciferous vegetable may possess some characteristics that prevent cancer.

6. Papaya

Scientists say that papaya can help to brighten your skin, clear your sinuses, and strengthen your bones. A cup of papaya gives you 88.3 mg of vitamin C.

7. Strawberries

A cup of these berries has 84.7 mg of vitamin C, as well as a significant amount of folate and other nutrients that are in charge of your heart health. Another bonus advantage is that this superfruit may help you to whiten your teeth naturally.

8. Cauliflower

It doesn’t matter whether you grill, mash, or steam cauliflower, just a small head of it provides you with 127.7 mg of vitamin C, 5 grams of protein, and 5 grams of fiber as a bonus.

9. Brussels sprouts

These small cabbages are full of nutrients and fiber which may prevent cancer, leave alone 74.8 mg of vitamin C. If you're not satisfied with their bitter taste, roast them to give back their natural sweetness.

10. Pineapple

Besides 78.9 mg of vitamin C, pineapple has bromelain. It is a digestive enzyme that helps to take food to pieces and decrease swelling. Bromelain also plays a role of a natural anti-inflammatory that may help you to regain faster after a hard workout.

11. Kiwi

A portion of kiwi (about 2 fruits) delivers 137.2 mg of vitamin C. This fluffy fruit also has a lot of copper and potassium.

12. Mango

This taste from the tropics will bring you 122.3 mg of vitamin C. Mangoes also have a significant portion of vitamin A, which as well as vitamin C is an integral part of immunity and helps your eyes to keep their health.