Sick of making the same dishes? These must-see methods for flavoring food will elevate your home-cooked dishes to restaurant quality. You'll never order takeout after reading this list.

Butter is substituted with mayonnaise while grilling cheese

The greatest way to create a crispy, lighter-than-air texture with even more taste than before is to spread mayo the outside of your grilled cheese toast beforehand. So yummy!

To make mashed potatoes more creamy, use an electric mixer

Most of us are used to having lumpy mashed potatoes. Even if your wrists and arms are sore after stirring for hours on end, it seems impossible to achieve that silky smooth texture. How to fix it? If you don't want to deal with the pain of a hand mixer, use an electric hand mixer instead. If you don't have a mixer, you can achieve the same consistency by first pounding the ingredients using a ricer.

Combine popcorn with soy sauce

Some people might find this strange hack repulsive, but we assure you that it is not! The cheesy, salty, and nutty flavors of buttery, creamy popcorn may be brought out to their full potential by adding the umami that soy sauce provides.

Make brownie butter with coffee

There won't be an espresso-flavored dessert as a result. Instead, the rich flavor profile of coffee enhances the chocolate's natural flavor. It balances the overly sugary richness of commercial brownie mixes.

To get a crispier piece of bacon, twist it

Roll a slice of bacon into a thin roll and set it on a baking pan lined with foil. Place your bacon in a 400-degree oven for about 30 minutes.

To mac and cheese, add mustard

There is no place on earth where mac 'n cheese tastes awful, but add any type of mustard for a fantastic meal that Chef Ramsey would be proud of. It adds a little acidity to counteract the dairy's too creamy qualities, just like pickles do for a cheeseburger.

Meatballs with applesauce

The greatest comfort food is meatballs, yet occasionally they taste dry or bland. Add some applesauce to your meatballs to make sure they're always wet! They become lighter and have an appealing hint of sweetness.

You should save some of the pasta water

Instead of allowing all that liquid gold to drain out of a strainer, keep the starchy pasta water and combine it with your sauce using low heat. This will not only make the texture smoother and creamier, but it will also assist in the sauce's ability to adhere more effectively to the pasta.

Do a hard sear

The best approach to have the crisp exterior and tender interior of a restaurant-quality dish is to grill or sear your proteins for a few minutes before baking them. Before cooking, you might even sprinkle it with flour or breadcrumbs.

Make a marinade using orange juice

To improve the flavor of your meat and seafood, there is no need to purchase a costly marinade. Simply pour in some orange juice! Ginger and honey are the flavors that go well with this.

Waffles made from hash browns

Many home cooks prefer homemade waffles, but waffle-shaped hash browns are even more delicious! You can say goodbye to mushy hash browns with your eggs since they guarantee a crispy finish every time. Mind to oil your iron first.

Use freshly squeezed citrus only

Although the bottles of citrus juice made from concentrate are inexpensive and practical, you should avoid them since citrus juice becomes muddy and unpleasant when it is stored in bottles.

Use the peel

To enhance the flavor of your soups and stock, you may add the parmesan cheese rind. This is a great way to add flavor to dishes that take a long time to cook, like soup, beans, or polenta.

Before adding onion to a salad or vinaigrette, soak it

Although onions are fantastic in salads, sometimes their strong flavor overpowers other ingredients. Alternatively, chop them up and let them sit in the vinegar for ten minutes. The flavor and texture will be softer after resting in vinegar.

Pancakes with soda water

You can easily make your pancakes fluffier by adding little soda water to the batter. The additional bubbles will aid in its ascent and let you feel as though you are eating in a five-star brunch establishment as a result.