For many of us, coffee is a need in the morning. We drink it to stay warm on cold days, to wake up in the morning, to prevent mid-afternoon slumps, to give us a boost of energy in the afternoon, and for other reasons. We have firmly entrenched the dark brown beverage, affectionately known as the "cup of joe," in our hearts. However, despite all of its advantages, coffee does have some disadvantages. However, matcha appears to have a comparable impact to coffee without any downsides. Matcha is a game-changer for individuals who want to avoid coffee's unpleasant side effects. Here are a few reasons why you should switch from coffee to matcha.

Matcha can help reduce acne and breakouts in general

According to studies, matcha and green tea can be beneficial for people who suffer from acne and breakouts. There's a reason matcha or green tea are common ingredients in beauty products. The anti-inflammatory qualities of green tea hold the key, and overall, inflammation is the reason for our health problems. To achieve clear skin, add a cup of matcha to your daily routine and observe the results.

Matcha can help with stress and anxiety

Unlike coffee, which can occasionally make you feel quite anxious, matcha is rich in amino acids that can raise your body's levels of happy hormones. This can make you feel quiet and relaxed. So it is definitely preferable to skip the coffee and get on the matcha bandwagon if you are often worried.

Matcha boosts your energy

Matcha can also give you the caffeine energy boost you're searching for because it contains caffeine. The caffeine in matcha, on the other hand, is a slow-release variant, so it will last longer and prevent the crash that we frequently feel once the energetic effects of coffee wear off. Additionally, as we just discussed, the amino acids that promote calmness balance out the caffeine in matcha, giving you a balanced feeling of energization and calmness.

Matcha contains anti-aging benefits

Matcha is produced from entire powdered green tea leaves, keeping more of the beneficial compounds that will keep you looking youthful and healthy. Green tea is frequently hailed for its anti-aging benefits, but matcha has even more of those anti-aging antioxidants.

Matcha can shield you from the sun

We are all aware of the risks associated with the sun, damaging UV radiation, etc. Isn't that why we apply sunscreen to our skin before we step outside? According to studies, green tea might shield you from the sun and prevent skin cancer. Green tea can offer some UV protection as well like aid in the prevention of skin cancer.

Matcha supports dental health

A cup of matcha a day can help keep your teeth clean and breath fresh, unlike the staining effects of coffee. Matcha has cleaning qualities, it can improve gum health, and prevent gum diseases.

Matcha can help you lose weight and speed up your metabolism

Matcha has powerful metabolism-increasing qualities, and studies have even shown that it can stop fat from accumulating. Now that you know, you may believe those individuals who swear by drinking tea to keep in shape and lose weight.

The health benefits listed above should be more than enough to convince you to try matcha, but here's one more: it's now more accessible than ever. Since matcha is currently quite popular (it's even one of the trendiest drinks on TikTok), it's really simple to try it out because it's widely available in many cafés, supermarkets, online stores, and even coffee shops. You can buy fancy ones or try sachets on the go. The time is right to delve a bit deeper into the matcha world.