Vinegar is no remedy for obesity, no doubt people who write articles about it, know that it’s bullshit.

When I want to get a portion of anger, I read weight loss hacks on the internet, as they are really crappy. To tell the truth, newspaper stories about slimming hacks hardly ever contain real hacks, but the titles always give an oath that they do. For example, the article from Telegraph had a headline, and this is absolutely true: “Why drinking vinegar could be the secret to midlife weight loss.”

So the article gives us no information on why vinegar could be treated as a remedy for obesity for people of the middle ages, sure, it’s impossible as there’s none. In contrast, the author tries all sorts of drinks, based on vinegar. It was a surprise that their taste was nice. If you ever tried a drop of lemonade, you may guess that adding some sour components can make a beverage taste vitalizing. During the description of the taste and personal discovery, the author forgot to tell us about the very weight loss hack.

The main thing is that scientists did not prove that vinegar can be used as a weight-loss cure. According to lab experiments, there are some chemical substances in vinegar that can stimulate slight gene shifts in gene expression of rats. Of course, these things are different, and everyone who says the opposite is far from being honest and should confess.

To call a spade a spade, I am really disgusted with all kinds of articles, Instagram posts, videos from TikTok, and other sources where people share bad pieces of advice, since these things are so sticky that they just etch in your memory. Perhaps you already think that vinegar is healthy as well as dark chocolate and of course, there is an idea in your mind that margarine is no good and other blurry opinions which came to your head through articles you’ve never read till the end many years ago. In the future, you’ll read about how vinegar is awful for weight reduction, and you’ll be disappointed since you don’t know whether vinegar is good or bad and why can’t science give you a definite answer.

Piecemeal nutrition is useless.

In clickbait titles of diet advice, it is the very title that doesn't work. You will never get only one thing to do as true health advice. It sounds weird but the authors understand it and implement it as their benefit. It’s not a secret that a hack like ”you should only eat this very food and lose your weight” hasn't worked previously, but there is a chance that this one will do. Desperate people always click on it.

To name one of the frequent offenders, Here are some top-ranked titles made by the Eat This Not That (a lifestyle site) where they recommend their best weight loss strategies, and believe me, it’s not a joke:

  • How to choose bread to get rid of abdominal fat
  • What to order in a fast-food restaurant to lose abdominal fat, according to dietitians
  • 6 best omelet variations for fast weight loss, say dietitians
  • This weight-loss method really works
  • The number 1 eating habit for faster weight loss
  • 20 food combinations that triple your weight loss
  • The #1 best fast-food order for weight loss [it differs from the first one because of abdominal fat loss]
  • The #1 breakfast food to keep away from belly fat
  • The #1 best vegetable for losing weight
  • The #1 best toast combo for fast weight reduction

There are plenty of similarities but I am not going to give you more examples because it’s so sad. The #1 units, actually are: two egg whites and one whole egg, whole grain bread, Cobb salad, a pill prescribed by a doctor that enlarges in your stomach so that you are supposed to eat less, you may keep a fast (which is not eating), sprouted grain bread + avocado + cayenne pepper, a Subway veggie delite sandwich (another name is a lettuce sandwich), breakfast pastries (the “#1 breakfast food to avoid,” despite it is a group of several products and not a single food), and bell peppers. The balanced toast combination is a toast with “a spread.”

In other terms: all this is food. If you read their argumentation (you’d better don’t if you want to preserve your healthy mind), you’ll find a germ of truth. A Cobb salad consists of eggs and meat, which are rich in protein, and protein is crucial. A lettuce sandwich has few calories, and if you eat less, you will lose weight.

If you are going to eat the #1 foods from each article, you will hardly become healthier or lose more weight than if you eat none of them. The thing is weight loss is a complex of efforts. If you consume more calories than you burn, you’ll quit losing weight. No matter how many calories you get from the very toast. Mind that the “best” diet doesn’t exist, as well as a single best food.

If we had a fairy food that helps losing weight, a website (many websites) about 10 different fairy foods wouldn’t exist. You’d say“ok, I’ll have a toast. Clear.” So you’d eat toasts every day, the weight would reduce, and the whole diet industry would turn to dust.In real life, healthy diets and weight loss diets (which are different) don’t depend on certain components; they are the total amount of all the food you eat and physical activity. You can fight obesity with a vegan diet or a keto diet or by eating egg-white omelets and lettuce sandwiches or by intermittent fasting. If someone says that a specific food is all or “all or nothing” for your diet or your health, don’t trust them because it doesn’t work this way.