People have been combining foods for years, and many of them have become collectively iconic. But other people have specific culinary desires that are not yet recognized by the majority and are just strange. Many pregnant women, as well as other oddballs with unusual food appetites, have the impulse to combine completely different flavors, such as spicy, sweet, and salty in the same dish, to create completely new recipes. Here are the 10 strangest food cravings that people have ever had.

Pickles and ice cream

Pickles are a major pregnancy desire, and someone who is pickle-obsessed would definitely eat the same foods as a pregnant woman. Pickles are tasty with hamburgers or deep-fried alone. Pickles give a salty crunch to sandwiches and other savory dishes, but they shouldn't be used in ice cream. The idea of these two ingredients combination makes our stomachs hurt, but research has shown that pregnant women report that it tastes like nirvana.

Toast with peanut butter and mayonnaise

Let's attempt to relate to this one: maybe it's just a little bit of mayo that gives a hot, buttery flavor to freshly toasted bread. But if there is a lot of mayonnaise on it and the bread is cold, we'll call it weird. Peanut butter toast should only be made with honey, fruit, and jam. Finally, if you don't like sweets, you can add butter.

Smoked salmon and Oreos

Yes, when we saw this supposedly common need among pregnant women, we were shocked too. We would never want to eat fish with chocolate, sweet cream together. Smoked salmon paired with any sweet treat is undoubtedly one of those things that shouldn't ever be mixed.

Spicy Cheetos with Yogurt

We understand that eating hot Cheetos can ignite your taste receptors and cause you to grab a glass of water or juice, but yogurt is a completely different thing. Plain yogurt by itself, without any spice, doesn't seem too fantastic, but perhaps it simply tastes like a dip, somewhat similar to sour cream. It's a funny fact, but some expectant mothers have dip these spicy Cheetos in strawberry yogurt. That's a unique combination, to say the least.

Sauerkraut-topped pizza

Pizza has had many strange toppings throughout history, but sauerkraut which is typically reserved as a hot dog garnish is even stranger than pineapple and ham on a pizza. Pizza tastes delicious with almost everything, so we're not against trying this pickled ingredient that you don't often see on a traditional slice.

Crushed Ice

Even though it is so simple, it is a strange craving. Apparently, if you are anemic (which is frequent among pregnant women), this is a common craving. While we'd like some flavored shaved ice or tasty sorbet, this isn't the most disgusting want on the list, but it might be the dullest. It doesn't sound too bad, but only on a hot summer day.

Concentrated Lemon and Lime Juice

It seems like pregnant women really want sour and tangy foods, but we know some people who share this craving. Maybe this may work for you if you don't like candies but obsessed with sour flavors. It seems that cutting a lemon or lime into halves or slices and biting into them like orange is a typical favorite among pregnant ladies! In all honesty, we'd rather have a glass of lemonade, but whatever you like.

Watermelon Dipped in Pickle Juice

Watermelon is sweet, but not too sweet, and it has a mild taste and a crispy finish. It is the ideal fruit for summer and tastes equally delicious when combined with unusual foods like basil and feta. However, what type of heinous crime is this? Why deface nature's exquisite dessert by drenching it in the salty, briny juice of pickles? Any other delicious mix is understandable, but this is pushing things to a new limit. You still have to give it a shot before you judge.

Toast with cream cheese and jam

This pairing isn't all that strange. It makes for a delicious breakfast or dessert, especially as how adaptable cream cheese is and how well it pairs with just about anything. In fact, if you're short on groceries or in a hurry, only these two components can make a delectable sandwich.

Honey-Dipped French Fries

This is something that some people already do and compared to other bizarre food cravings, it's not the weirdest. We're not too mad about the funnel cake effect it has. On the other hand, combining ketchup and honey doesn't seem as appetizing. Actually, a burger with fries and some honey sounds rather delicious.