Gigi Hadid is always on the go. The supermodel leads an extremely active and even hectic life. That's why we can learn a lot from her. For example, how she keeps herself in shape despite her constant travels. In this article, we ask Rob Piela, owner of Gotham Gym and Gigi's trainer, how to work out on the go, without any equipment? Here is the second part of the big article, read the first half – here.


You should stand on the ground with your feet at a distance of the width of your hips. Depending on what is more comfortable, place your hands on your hips or make them crossed over your chest. Your right leg should be raised to a 90-degree angle with your toe facing the ground. As you strive to extend your calf muscles until you feel a pull, keep your balance on your left leg. Hold this position before doing the same with your left leg. 15 repetitions on each side (30 reps in total) will do.


Stretch your right knee up to your chest after getting into a high plank position. Pull your leg back quickly now, and then repeat the action with your left leg. Continue performing these actions alternately; the quicker you complete them, the more effective your results will be. While doing this exercise, make an effort to maintain your posture and avoid dipping your shoulders. Without pausing, continue doing this routine for at least 30 seconds.


Stand firmly on the ground with your feet at shoulder width with your arms by your sides. Put your palms firmly on the floor in front of you while bending your knees. Now quickly kick your legs back, then bring them back to your chest. Push yourself to the ground from there, then jump back up as high as you can while raising your arms in the air. For 30 seconds or at least ten reps, do this exercise.


Let's practice this position again, we've already done it a few times during this workout but there are some nuances. Before lifting your body far above the ground, place your palms flat on the floor. Rest on your toes with your feet shoulder-width apart. As you look directly at the ground, make sure your body is in a straight line and your neck is in a natural position. Without slouching or sinking your shoulders, hold this position for 30 seconds.

10. V-UPS — 30 SECONDS

Lay on your back and raise your hands in a straight line above your head. While doing this pose, maintain a rigid stance. Now raise both of your legs into the air with your toes pointing upward. At the same time, put your hands forward and try to touch your feet. To finish one rep, return to the ground in your starting position. After 30 seconds of this motion, stop and have a rest.

All of these exercises are extremely challenging but can be done without any special equipment. Do you feel inspired to give it a try and finally achieve the figure you've always wanted?